Led by Creative Director Anne Caruthers and Artistic Director Kimberly Larkspur, the resident company for Dance from the Heart was established after our 2011 production, Domari. Each member of the company has undergone extensive training in the movement vocabulary associated with dances of the Middle East, as well as other World and Western dance styles. Choreography is developed by both Directors (individually and as a team) and company members are encouraged to continually develop and refine those skills in their own work.


The company repertoire includes theatrical dance (both traditional and fusion) in individual works as well as full theatrical productions around a central story or theme. The company welcomes collaboration and often includes guest artists in their performances or productions.


Anne Caruthers
Creative Director


Anne began her journey with belly dance 27 years ago. She has had the honor to receive instruction from exceptional artists from the US and abroad, to perform with groups and as a soloist, and to create her own company. Anne is the founder and President of Dance from the Heart, Executive Director of the Houston Oriental Dance Festival, and manages very talented dance artists.  She lives with her boyfriend in Spring, TX in a home owned by their three cats, who are kind enough to allow them to share the space.

Kimberly Larkspur
Artistic Director


A dainty and genteel Southern miss, Kimberly is a classically-trained-musician-turned-dancer with a passion for pedagogy.  Kimberly serves as the Artistic Director for Dance from the Heart, runs Dauntless Dance and Movement studio, and performs with Shunyata Fusion dance and Sepiatonic. She has found a great deal of growth and enjoyment in working collaboratively with many of the most talented dancers in the Tribal Fusion community and can frequently be found cutting a rug at festivals around the country.

Suzy Minor
Company Member


As a child, Suzy spent every afternoon dancing - a dedicated student of western dance. Miraculously in 2010, she was introduced to belly dance as an alternate form of self-care. It did not take long to realize how important it was to have dance and movement back in her daily routine.  Since then she has become a company member of Dance from the Heart (DFTH) and a soloist, performing in full length theatrical dance productions and dance festivals.


Amanda Lindsey
Company Member


Amanda has been involved in performing arts since the age of three, with experience in music, writing, and acting. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2007 and several of her short plays have been produced by non-profit theaters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Amanda began studying belly dance in 2008 and joined the Dance from the Heart Company in 2012 for their revival production of Domari. She is currently working on her second novel and learning to play the ukulele.


Brittany Gura

Company Member


Brittany has been studying belly dance since 2012. Brittany is a company member of Dance From the Heart, and performs with Shunyata Fusion Belly Dance. She is currently earning her BA in dance at the University of Houston, and drinks many cups of coffee a day. As a new member of Dance From the Heart, she is so excited for the projects to come!

Jade Gibson

Company Member (Principal)


Jade was first introduced to belly dance in 1999 and fell in love with Tribal Fusion. To further her understanding of dance in all its forms, Jade has recently expanded her studies to include a wider variety of styles.  Jade joined Dance from the Heart as a company member in 2011, and her love for this dance has now inspired her to share it with others as an instructor.


Jenny Trimmer

Guest Artist


Texas native Jenny Trimmer has been fascinated by unusual dance styles since she was first introduced to oriental dance at the age of 8. Jenny's discovery of Tribal Fusion belly dance convinced her that this art form was ideal for those who want to freely express their multi-cultural individuality.  She is an Usui Reiki Practitioner Level 2 and a certified Kundalini, Vinyasa, Yin, and Hatha Yoga instructor.  Jenny is no stranger to the stage and can be found performing at many venues around the Houston area.


Past Members


Leslie Mims, Andrea Ghotekar, Karen Millerchip, Patsi Bucki, and Louise McClung.  We thank each of you for sharing your time and talent with us!

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